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Top 10 Highest Selling Games on the Nintendo Wii

Right now the hottest selling video game system is the Nintendo Wii. Nintendo Wii systems are selling out everywhere. Fortunately Nintendo fans can still find most of the Nintendo Wii games in stores despite a lot of copies being bought already. These are the 10 highest selling Nintendo Wii games so far.
10. Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
Copies Sold – 1.5 million
Guitar Hero III probably has not yet reached it’s total number of copies sold but for now it sits at number 10 among Nintendo Wii games.

9. Mario Strikes Charged
Copies Sold – 1.65 million
The top three selling games on the original Nintendo were the three Super Mario games so there should be no surprise that Mario makes an appearance on this list too.

8. WarioWare: Smooth Moves
Copies Sold – 1.82 million
It was a given that a Mario game would be one of the top 10 selling games on the Nintendo Wii but who knew that Wario would be here too.

7. Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree
Copies Sold – 2 million
Since Tetris barely missed the top 10 selling Nintendo games Big Brain Academy might be the only puzzle game to make the top 10 list for its system.

6. Super Paper Mario
Copies Sold – 2.16 million
The first Paper Mario was one of the best Mario games every made so it is good to see the Paper Mario game for the Wii do well.

5. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Copies Sold – 4.3 million
The Twilight Princess is going to be at a little bit of a disadvantage since the game came out on two systems and split it’s sales. Still the Zelda games were popular enough to do well.

4. Mario Party 8
Copies Sold – 4.35 million
Let’s be honest here. If the video game ends with the number 8 then clearly it’s been really popular or they wouldn’t make that many sequels.

3. Super Mario Galaxy
Copies Sold – 5.19 million
There have already been a couple of Super Mario games on this list but Super Mario Galaxy is the one that everybody has been talking about since the Nintendo Wii hit the shelves.

2. Wii Party
Copies Sold – 9.23 million
For once Super Mario Brothers is not going to be the top selling game on the system.

1. Wii Sports
Copies Sold – 17.85 million
Wii Sports had a big advantage since it was bundled with the Nintendo Wii. Even if it hadn’t been bundled with the Nintendo it still would’ve been pretty popular because it was the first game that made the Wii controller seem really interesting.

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