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SimCity BuildIt Hacks Tutorial

Simcity is an open-ended citybuilding video game designed by Will Wright developed by Electronic Arts, published back in 1989. It’s a best-selling video. It is developed by Maxis, Tilted Mill Entertainment, Aspyr Media, Full Fat, Infogrames, Nintendo, EAD, Babaroga, HAL Laboratory and published by Maxis, Superior Software, Acornsoft.

The good news about this game is it is available not only iOS and Android but also on Windows and Play station. It was released on December 16, 2014. In the game, the player acts as the mayor, and he has a responsibility to build and develop his city and look after his city. To help develop the city you can use the Simcity Buildit Hack which is available online.

A tutorial for the hacks:

You can refer to the website and get unlimited simcash and simileons. You need to get started with the Start option.

You will be directed to SimCity BuildIt generator page and enter the details of the account.

The next step you will need to verify the details make sure they are correct. You can then move ahead with Run Generator.

You get a message that your verification is done, but in the rare case, you need to get a Human Verification Test, just to make sure and protect the server and the resources.

After the human verification, the final step is to restart the game and enjoy unlimited resources on your gameplay.

Initially, when you start the game it is just about making houses and building roads but as you progress with the game and level up to like 5-10 levels, the game becomes interesting, and you have a lot of activities to do which will make your city look beautiful.

The small houses you build will be upgraded to Skyscrapers as you make progress with the game. Population keeps increasing the more you play the game, and you need to make all the important things available in the city which is needed for people to survive like Water, Power, Sewage Outflow, Fire Stations, Police Stations and Hospitals, Schools, Industries. All these important resources should be available and reachable by the people failing which, you will make them unhappy, and the sims will leave your city and move out.

The sims pay a tax, and they decide the percentage of the amount to be paid by them depending on if you are keeping them happy or unhappy. If you are keeping them happyyou get to collect 20% tax every day.

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