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Hay Day – A Good Time Killer Game

Are you a game lover? Do you love to play farming games? If yes, then you must have the knowledge about the game named as Hay Day which is published by Supercell. Supercell always popular for developing interesting games for the game lovers exist around the world. You might be surprised after knowing the revenue earned by such game; the revenue is more than $30 million in a month. placed the 4th highest place among the different games for revenue generation. In this game, you have to set a farm for you in which you can sell or buy the products to the different players. This game places a significant place in the heart of its users and also gives them the one more way to get entertain.

Beneficial details regarding Hay Day

You can play the game easily with the help of tutorials which make you understand the core concepts of the game. In this game, you are able to earn coins by selling the products to the different players and then used such coins for buying the production buildings and the decoration items. Such game also provides a chat function to the players for helping each other, when anyone gets stuck into the tough situation. When you play Hay Day for the first time, you get the 30 diamonds initially and after that, you can get one or two diamonds as you go up to the next stages. You can also buy the diamonds with real money. You can also login to this game with your Facebook account and you get the five additional diamonds and with the help of Facebook login, you can also know about the farms of your Facebook friends. Such game really gives you a great experience and it is good time killers which help to reduce your stress.

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