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Basic features of Free Fire Battleground

Free Fire Battleground is the best survival game which you can play online on your Android or iOS devices. It is a fascinating game where a player needs to strategize well. Here the player will be dropped on an isolated island from a parachute and then he will have to survive by competing with the others 29 players. They will have to compete as the island will keep on shrinking so only a few players can stay. The game has a unique storyline and a player can use various equipment and vehicles in this game. So let’s see the features of this game.

Features of this game:

Game controls: Free Fire Battleground is like a video game so it will have many controls. You will be provided with a virtual joystick which will help you to navigate from one place to the other. For killing any enemy you will have to drag this navigating crosshair and shoot. The joystick will also enable a player to work, jump crouch or sprint as well as run for the survival. One can easily escape or move away from their enemies by utilizing this icon.

Character Customization: This game will provide you with a vault that will enable you to customize your character. With every leveling up a player will be unleashing new features and more options from the vault. They will also get the access to more loot. Just by spending the money you can entirely change your character’s appearance. To get more resources for character customization, we recommend you use a garena free fire hack diamonds.

Walkthrough and Gameplay: When the game will begin you can select the point from where you want to start. Now you will have to compete with 30 players for your survival and for that, you will be provided with various ammunition and vehicle. Always try to start from a point that is less crowded as it will provide you with more chances to survive. One can easily start the game by killing the opponents or by hiding from them.

Loot: Different types of items or weapons will be scattered in the island when you will be dropped. Now you will have to decide which ammunition you will need for your survival and pick up the gears accordingly.

These are the four basic features which a player will encounter while playing this game. One can also use the Free Fire Battleground Cheats for getting access to resources.


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